Edomex: 5 bodies of young people found, 3 male 2 female

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma Portada

Three men and two women were found dead this morning in a field of the Second Section Traffic Colony, in Nicolás Romero, State of Mexico.
The five victims had gunshot wounds and signs of violence, according to preliminary reports.
The discovery occurred before 7:00 am, when local residents observed the corpses in the vacant lot area,  located on the side of a dirt road known as Avenida Adolfo López Mateos almost on the corner with El Carril.

None of the people have been  identified and their remains were transferred to the amphitheater of the Homicide Prosecutor’s Office, where investigations will continue.
“Five bodies, three men and two women were found at the scene, a preliminary report indicates that they have injuries from gunshot wounds and so far they remain unidentified.
“This Institution (the Prosecutor’s Office) will continue with the investigations to identify the victims, determine the motive of the crime and arrest the probable participants in these events, “the Edomex said in an information sheet
The Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, is scheduled to visit the Municipality of Nicolás Romero today. .
The visit is scheduled at 12:00 hours, at the San Ildefonso Entertainment Center, in Colonia San Ildefonso.