DSV, Qatar Airways Cargo enhance connectivity to Middle East

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DSV and Qatar Airways Cargo announced a strategic partnership, enhancing North America’s connectivity to the Middle East while strengthening service offerings to the oil and gas industry.

“Through this collaboration, DSV introduces a new route to its air freight charter network that significantly bolsters access to the Middle East and beyond,” says an official release.

The first flight took to the skies earlier this week, marking the inauguration of the partnership, the release added. “”This collaboration introduces bi-weekly flights with direct cargo loading and management handled by DSV, and full commitment and lift by Qatar Airways Cargo.

“DSV’s new air charter route, named Gateway Star, departs from Mexico City to Doha, Qatar via the strategic hubs of Huntsville, U.S., and Luxembourg. This route also has the potential to extend beyond Doha by seamlessly integrating with Qatar Airways Cargo’s global feeder network and becoming a pathway to other destinations.”

Mads Ravn, Executive Vice President, DSV says: “Our partnership with Qatar Airways Cargo signifies a remarkable leap forward. This new air freight service underscores our unwavering commitment to revolutionising logistics and ushering unparalleled connectivity to our valued clients. By collaborating with Qatar Airways Cargo, we not only extend our market presence but also create avenues for seamless access to the Middle East with a keen focus on boosting our oil and gas vertical.”

Elisabeth Oudkerk, Senior Vice President, Cargo Sales and Network Planning, Qatar Airways Cargo adds: “We are excited by this new partnership with DSV. This strategic initiative not only expands DSV’s market reach but also establishes a direct scheduled service between Huntsville to the Middle East and beyond. The route will see twice weekly Boeing 777 freighters offering 200 tonnes of capacity per week. With the addition of Huntsville, Qatar Airways Cargo’s network in the Americas now increases to 22 destinations.”