Drunk Driver Drives Russian Army BMP-3 IFV Through The Security Wall At Volgograd International Airport

USA World
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The drunken joyride took place at Russia’s Volgograd International Airport in the southwestern part of the country. Russia is no stranger to road rage incidents and other serious roadway encounters, which sometimes even involve military armored vehicles. Now, a video has emerged on social media reportedly showing a very different kind of joyride reportedly involving drunken Russian conscripts in a BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle plowing through a barbed-wire-topped concrete wall at Volgograd International Airport in the southwestern region of the country. 
The incident at the airport, also known as Gumrak Airfield, reportedly occurred on Oct. 20, 2020, according to a post from Russia’s independent news outlet Baza on the Telegram social media network. The vehicle was said to be on its way to a training ground for an exercise at the time. Baza’s post added that the airport continued to operate as normal after the BMP-3 came charge through the wall, but that the vehicle damaged part of its security system.
WNU Editor: Just a normal day in Russia.