Dr. Umar Stuns Radio Hosts — Perfectly Describes How Democrats are Replacing Black Voters with Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

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Dr. Umar drops some truth bombs about the Democrat Party on The Breakfast Club.

On a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, Dr. Umar Johnson laid bare what he believes is a calculated strategy by the Democrat Party under Joe Biden’s administration: replacing black voters with newly arrived illegal immigrants.

Dr. Johnson offered an explanation that left many listeners reeling. “When Joe Biden got elected,” he began, “he said he wanted to fast-track four million undocumented residents to full citizenship. So what he’s going to do is have these migrants already set up with citizenship so they can replace the Black vote that he loses.”

He continued, “Black people completely ignored it. But I spoke on it. I said, ‘Do you know why he wants to fast-track four million? Because he knows he’s not going to do anything for us. We won’t be motivated to vote for him in November.’”

According to Dr. Johnson, this is part of a larger plan to replace black votes with those of newly naturalized citizens, particularly in major cities like New York and Chicago which have significant black populations.

“The migrants are being put in our communities on purpose,” Dr. Johnson said, “They’re here for three reasons: to replace us at the polls, replace us in low-end industry jobs, and they’re not the enemy.”

“The problem is, black people don’t get as much opportunity. So then people say, Well, you know, White people don’t really like brown people. That’s true. But you know what the difference is? They don’t have the burden of accountability with them that they have with us. We built the country. So every time they look at us to deal with us, the bottom line is, you all brought them here and they built you all into what you are. They don’t have to say that to the Venezuelans. They don’t have to say that to the Colombians. They don’t have to say that to the Mexicans.”

Dr. Johnson also criticized New York’s Mayor Eric Adams for policies that seem to favor immigrants over native-born citizens, particularly black veterans and homeless individuals.

“New York City has a Black homelessness rate no less than 35%. So you got Black people who pay taxes living on the street, and you got migrants who haven’t paid a single tax in their life, eating and living better than the Black people who built the country.”

He questioned the motivations of Democrat leaders like Adams and Chicago’s Brandon Johnson for supporting policies that could potentially harm their political futures.

“Do you know that New York City has spent one and a half billion dollars on the migrant crisis so far? It’s projected that this year, 2023, was one and a half billion dollars to take care of the migrant. One and a half billion. 2024 and 2025, they said it would cost New York City nine billion.”

Dr. Johnson ended his interview with a stark reminder of the potential consequences of these policies. “If your city goes to the migrants,” he warned, “you can best believe the migrants aren’t electing any Black person to mayorship.”

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