dog and tortoise rescued from tunnel

Dog And Tortoise Rescued From Tunnel

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Taylor the German Shepherd and Godzilla the 70-pound tortoise got themselves into quite a pickle. When firefighters arrived at the scene, both animals were trapped in a tunnel a couple of meters from the entrance. How they came to be underground together was not known until a bit after the rescue. Thankfully, that only took about 10 minutes.

Firefighters responded to a call about a man and a dog who had both fallen into a hole. By the time rescuers arrived on the scene, the man had been able to extricate himself from the cavity, which was actually a tunnel, but the dog was still trapped in it. A tortoise was also in the tunnel, and the behavior of the two animals had combined to create an unusual situation.

Godzilla had dug a tunnel from his property to a neighboring property, causing a long section of unstable ground under a wall, a patio and a walkway. The dog had a blanket with him when he plunged into the tunnel from above, and that blanket complicated matters. It had become tangled around the animals and wedged them in so tightly that they could not escape.

The best part of the story is that the dog and the tortoise were quickly rescued and found to be physically unharmed. (Hopefully they are also emotionally unharmed, but there is no word on that yet.) The next best part of the story is that firefighters used lettuce to lure the tortoise out of the tunnel. It’s always exciting to see how widespread it has become to gently encourage animals to do what we want or need them to do rather than physically force them. Obviously, physical force in the face of immediate danger may sometimes be called for. However, when a slower, more patient approach is possible, it’s wonderful to see that option taken.