Disney VP Flees in His Tesla When Confronted by James O’Keefe Over Professed Racist Hiring Practices

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Last week, RedState reported about a recent sting undertaken by James O’Keefe and his “O’Keefe Media Group” of a Disney Senior VP. During the undercover work done by one of O’Keefe’s operatives, the VP in question, Michael Giordano, claimed that Disney’s hiring practices were based on race. 


(Disney Exposed: VP Caught Talking Discriminatory Hiring Practices)

O’Keefe posted an update to X showing that he confronted Giordano at a café while he thought he was on a date with a woman. The funny part is that O’Keefe arranged it so that Giordano thought he was running around on the girl he had been “dating,” which was actually another one of O’Keefe’s operatives. Once the girls both left the table, O’Keefe made his entrance and confronted Giordano about what he had divulged about Disney’s alleged inner workings. 

This includes Giordano saying that Disney was not going to hire any white males. The man immediately got up and walked away but was followed closely by O’Keefe who continued to ask him questions, including if he knew about Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits people from discriminating against others based on race and religion. 

O’Keefe then repeated Giordano’s own words about not bringing on clients who are white. 

At that point, Giordano reached his Tesla and got in while claiming that O’Keefe didn’t have the authority to put him on camera, to which O’Keefe said he did thanks to the First Amendment. 


Giordano drove away, but O’Keefe pursued him on foot. Eventually, he did and reminded Giordano once again about Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. 

O’Keefe has been advertising that he’s conducted an entire sting on Disney for some time now, and is only now releasing the footage. He said in the video that he’s still to release a part two and three in the near future, furthering shedding light on what Disney is allegedly doing behind the scenes. 

For Giordano’s part, his claims that Disney’s hiring and promoting practices based on race line up with claims made by other Disney insiders, including a Whistleblower back in 2023 who claimed that Disney had DEI requirements and even went so far as to punish people for having conservative ideologies. 

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This all highlights that Disney has drifted into radically leftist territory, something Disney hasn’t exactly tried to hide. In fact, former executive producer Latoya Ravneau says her team had a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” and would regularly add “queerness” to children’s shows. 

The question now is whether anything can or will be done about it. 

We’ll keep you posted as more of O’Keefe’s sting of Disney comes out. 

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