Disappearances Concentrated In 12 Municipalities In Jalisco

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This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL

In Guadalajara, the highest incidence of disappearances is concentrated in 12 neighborhoods.

Elizabeth Ibal / El Occidental
Disappearances in Jalisco have a higher incidence in twelve municipalities according to the research Geolocation of the Disappearance of Persons in Jalisco, conducted by specialists from the University of Guadalajara.
The study was based on the search files of the collectives Entre Cielo y Tierra, Buscando Corazones en Jalisco, Por Amor a Ellxs, Familias Unidas por Nuestros Desaparecidos, Luz de Esperanza, as well as the State Human Rights Commission, the State Search Commission of Jalisco and the State Prosecutor’s Office.
It was detected that as a whole they have published 8 thousand 153 cards with data of missing persons from 2018 to 2024.
Daniel Alejandro Rojas Lopez, a graduate of the sociology road and who participated in the study said that after the purging of the files of duplicate name numbers, and others that did not have the required data ended up making the database with 3 thousand 332 records.
From there it was concluded that of that number of disappearances were committed in Zapopan 719; in Guadalajara 667 also in 12 municipalities; in Tlajomulco 511 were engaged; in Tlaquepaque 297; in Tonalá 171; in El Salto 158; Lagos de Moreno 57; in Tala 55; in Encarnación de Díaz 44; in Puerto Vallarta 44; while in Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos 37 and in Chapala 24.
In Guadalajara, the highest incidence of disappearances is concentrated in 12 neighborhoods, among the neighborhoods that stand out are Centro, San Juan de Dios, and Oblatos, while in Zapopan it is in Valle de los Molinos and San Juan de Ocotán.
The specialist David Coronado pointed out that in the colonies of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara all those that presented the above seven disappearances are present in that study and those that did not were left out.
“Zapopan is the municipality that presented the highest number of disappearances of people, that must be emphasized, according to our data. Guadalajara is in the same order of 12 municipalities and so we are breaking down, until finally Chapala which is number 12 that has only one neighborhood,” said Coronado.
He emphasized that the corridor from Puerto Vallarta, Metropolitan Zone, and Lagos de Moreno, is the one with the highest incidence of disappearances.