Dimension Data launches platform in Middle East to support smart city and smart sport services

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Dimension Data has launched a Smart Platform in the Middle East, after expanding its Smart City and Smart Sport services, enhancing public safety, emergency response, situational awareness and urban planning. The company has tailored the platform for application in the energy, oil and gas, utilities, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. 

DiData’s Smart Platform is a big data analytics and machine learning engine that collates and analyses vast amounts of information to solve problems through insights and predictions. These help organisations to meet business objectives such as data monetisation, user service improvement, safety enhancement, marketing optimisation, and client satisfaction and retention.

The system combines elements that perform recognition and detection at the network edge to analyse and predict trends using AI. It uses machine learning for instant processing, discovery, understanding and analysis of continuous time-serial data collection from agnostic sources. Dimension Data will supply full maintenance and support services for its Smart Platform. If customers prefer to act autonomously after deployment, DiData will provide comprehensive training.