Deep State Loomered: Loomer Exposes FBI Knew Azov Ukrainian Spies Involved in J6 and Did Nothing

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Last Updated on September 4, 2023

In potentially her biggest story yet, Loomer exposed that Ukrainian spies with connection to the infamous Azov Balaton were involved in J6. Loomer uncovered this shocking information after she pieced together the identities of the DeSantis-Biden supporting Nazis running around Florida. Florida has the highest rate of J6 arrests of state in America. DeSantis has even allowed the Capitol Police to set up an office in Florida. Yet, federal and Sunshine State authorities seem to have no interest in arresting actual nazis in connection with January 6th.

Loomer posted a photo of Sergei Dybynyn and the J6 Shaman, Jake Angeli-Chansley, taken at the capitol on January 6th, 2021. Loomer captioned the photo, writing, “During their private interview with @AmericaShaman the@FBI asked him how he knew a Ukrainian operative who took a photo with him the day of J6 2021. Chansley didn’t know the guy, and FBI confirmed that the Ukrainian Sergai Dybynyn was a Ukrainian spy who is affiliated with the Nazi Azov Battalion.”

Loomer’s caption continues to explain the significance of foreign nationals being directly involved on January 6th, “This means the US Capitol was penetrated by Ukrainian spies and the US Government and FBI have still not arrested these people or made the public aware of foreign penetration. This is an act of war by Ukraine against the United States, and yet the US Government has sent $200 BILLION to Ukraine in the last 2 years.”

Loomer exposed the Deep State ties in this psyop. “The CIA is funding a color revolution in the United States via Ukrainian Nazis and American Nazis who are being recruited by the CIA and FBI to fight overseas in the Azov Battalion and then come back to the US to instigate Nazi political movements in a psyop intended to make right wingers look bad. ”

Loomer continued, calling out the Deep State’s election interference, “Now the FBI and CIA are using Ukrainian Nazis to instigate racial division in the US during an election year so that Neo Nazi marches pop up in red states when voters are deciding who to vote for ahead of 2024. This is a CIA funded domestic terror operation intended to interfere in the U.S. Election and to make sure Donald Trump is never allowed to be President ever again. This is treason. And everyone involved needs to go to prison.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has yet to question the Biden Adminstion on why the FBI continues to arrest nonviolent J6ers from his state while ignoring the Nazis with Azo affiliations involved with instigating J6. Either DeSantis is incompetent, or he is in on it. DeSantis is a Deep State tool either way.

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