Daly Cherry-Evans wins golden-point thriller for Manly after Cowboys’ ‘pure magic’ to force extra time

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Scott Drinkwater nails a 45-metre field goal to get the Cowboys to extra time but does not get a look in golden point as Daly Cherry-Evans kicks Manly to a 21-20 victory.

Chad Townsend and Valentine Holmes missed multiple potential game-winners before Cherry-Evans, who earlier missed a straightforward chance at the end of regulation, slotted from 30 metres out to seal the victory in the fourth minute of extra time.

“Had to make up for that absolute sitter I missed in front,” he told Fox Sports.

All eyes were on Tom Trbojevic as he played in the centres in his first game since a hamstring injury in round 10, with extra scrutiny after it was revealed Latrell Mitchell is set to be ruled out of State of Origin III with a foot injury.

Trbojevic looked off the pace and admitted after the match he was tired by the pace of the game, but his hamstring came through the intact.

It was Saturday’s second journey into golden point, after the Bulldogs beat the Warriors 13-12 on the back of a Matt Burton field goal.

Meanwhile, Melbourne sent the Tigers back to the bottom of the table with a 40-28 win at Leichhardt Oval.

Look back at all the action in the live blog below, and check out all the stats in our ScoreCentre.

Key events

Another day in the books

After two golden point games either side of Melbourne’s 40-28 win over the Tigers, I’m going to agree with Daly Cherry-Evans and what he told ABC Sport after that win over the Cowboys.

“I hope it was good to watch because we’re all buggered.”

Daly Cherry-Evans winds up his leg to kick a field goal for Manly Sea Eagles.

To recap today’s games:

  • Bulldogs def Warriors 13-12 (GP)
  • Storm def Tigers 40-28
  • Sea Eagles def Cowboys 21-20 (GP)

Tomorrow we’ll see the Roosters take on the Dragons from 2pm, followed by the Raiders and Knights in Canberra to wrap up round 18.

I hope to see you then.

Tom Trbojevic says he’s feeling OK after his first game back from a hamstring injury

It’s safe to say Tom Trbojevic looked like a man coming back from injury and playing his first match since round 10 tonight.

He wasn’t abject by any stretch, but just looked a little off the pace.

“I was pretty tired,” he tells ABC Sport.

“First half it didn’t seem like the ball stopped moving.”

Trbojevic says his hamstring feels OK after a hit-out.

“It was all good. Got through well, which is nice. We go again.”


Manly Sea Eagles players celebrate with Daly Cherry-Evans after winning an NRL game.

Who else? It was always going to be DCE and after all those misses by the Cowboys, the Sea Eagles just trotted up the other end and Daly Cherry-Evans made no mistake.

“Had to make up for that absolute sitter I missed in front,” he tells Fox Sports.

Another miss from Valentine Holmes

Oh jeez. The Cowboys have so many options, and they have so much time to spin it back to Val Holmes 25 metres out.

No-one is within coo-ee of him and Holmes hooks it miles left.

“They did everything right except kick the field goal,” Billy Moore says.

82′ Manly fumbles and the Cowboys start a set on halfway

81′ We have our first shank of extra time

The Cowboys make great metres in their first set and spin it back to Valentine Holmes, but his shot from 40 metres out barely gets above head high.

81′ Manly kicks off to start extra time

The Cowboys get first use, but they need to get over halfway.

Chad Townsend misses, and we’re going to golden point again

Chad Townsend gets one shot charged down by Jake Trbojevic, and then hooks another off the dropout.

So the Cowboys and Sea Eagles will go to golden point, just as the Bulldogs and Warriors did earlier today.

79′ Reece Robson comes up with a clutch tackle and the Cowboys will get another chance

Right on halfway, Reece Robson jumps out of marker and hits Jake Simpkin to knock the ball loose. The Cowboys have a minute to get in position and set up for a field goal.

79′ Chad Townsend misses another great opportunity

These are good strikes from good field position, but the line is just off.

78′ Cherry-Evans misses from right in front!

The pressure was right on him as they took a tackle or two too many and got too close, and Daly Cherry-Evans misses his shot at field goal just wide right.


Disaster for the Cowboys.

TWO-POINTER BY DRINKWATER!! ‘Pure magic’ to level things up ay 20-20!

Viliami Vailea makes a great charge down the right to get to the 40m line and off the quick play-the-ball, Scott Drinkwater gets it one off the ruck, sets himself and drills a 45-metre shot.

“That is pure magic,” Billy Moore says on ABC Sport.

“To me, that’s karma. The Golden Globe performance by DCE has now been countered by real magic.”

76′ No short kick-off by the Cowboys

It’s 20-18 and the Cowboys have some work to do.

Is a two-point field goal in the offing?

Reuben Garrick puts the Sea Eagles in front with five minutes left

74′ Manly wins a captain’s challenge and wins a penalty right in front of the posts

Toafofoa Sipley is called for a knock-on right in front of the uprights, but he convinces Daly Cherry-Evans to challenge, which he does. And the replay shows Jeremiah Nanai interfering in the ruck. It’s a penalty right in front.

73′ Daly Cherry-Evans creates some magic and gets his team a penalty with some acting

Jason Taumalolo slips over, DCE breaks through and unleashes Lehi Hopoate down the right wing.

Reuben Cotter grabs at his jersey a couple of times and Cherry-Evans goes down with a flourish to earn the penalty.

He definitely put mustard on it, but Cotter shouldn’t have grabbed him and put him in that position.

68′ Jason Saab is off injured

He came up clutching his hamstring earlier, and now he’s off the field. The good news for the Sea Eagles is they do have Lehi Hopoate on the bench.

Meanwhile, Kyle Feldt challenges for a high kick and takes down Tommy Talau in EXACTLY the same way Saab did to Taulagi five minutes ago, but this time Talau hangs onto the ball so there’s no penalty. Completely inconsistent.

66′ The mistakes are coming thick and fast now

Both teams are struggling to hang on to the ball and the latest is Reuben Garrick flicking an offload to Jake Simpkin, who wasn’t watching and knocked it on.

61′ Manly goes in, but it’s sent to the bunker as no try

That’s a very harsh call on the Sea Eagles as Jason Saab skies for a high ball and he misses the ball, collecting Murray Taulagi instead.

Taulagi drops the ball and Reuben Garrick scores, but referee Todd Smith says it’s no try and the bunker upholds the call.

“That is complete rubbish,” Greg Alexander says on Fox Sports.

It’s certainly a tough call. Saab was definitely competing and had eyes for the ball, but once he went past the ball he hit Taulagi and denied him an opportunity. That’s so tough for Saab. Not sure what else he could have done there.

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