Covid-19 Cases And Deaths Surge In Eastern Europe

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Western Europe is seeing fewer deaths than in the spring, despite a surge in cases of Covid-19 – but Eastern Europe is suffering more deaths than ever before. This map shows average deaths in September and October compared to those in March, April and May, with red countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine seeing more autumn deaths, and green ones such as Britain, France and Spain having a lower death toll during the second wave 

 * Eastern Europe escaped more lightly during the first wave, but is now seeing the most dramatic second waves 
 * Czech Republic now has Europe’s highest infection rate while Montenegro is seeing fastest growth in deaths 
 * Deaths in many Eastern European countries are outstripping those in first wave, unlike in UK, Spain or France 
Many Eastern European countries which locked down early and escaped lightly from the first wave of Covid-19 are now being battered by the second wave, in a reversal of Europe’s East-West divide. 
Eastern Europe is seeing cases spike by up to 2,000 per cent compared to the spring, suggesting that countries which kept the virus at bay in March and April merely postponed the onslaught rather than avoiding it altogether. 
More worryingly, while death tolls in Britain, France and Spain have been more muted in the second wave, many countries in Eastern Europe are seeing more fatalities than ever before – raising fears for their vulnerable health systems. 
WNU Editor: My relatives in Ukraine are telling me that this second wave is incredibly deadly. A good percentage of those who ae dying are in their 20s. 30s. and 40s. My aunt and her family live in Lviv, and they are all currently suffering from Covid-19. They have not gone to the hospital (not possible anyway because they are filled), and they are going to try to ride this out. My relatives in Russia are telling me that there are a lot of cases, and the streets are empty. Everyone is basically hunkering down to ride this out.