Couple use 3 year old child to deliver drugs in the State of Mexico

Latin America World

 “stevectpa” for Borderland Beat; Silla Rota

Two adults who used a three-year-old child to deliver drugs were detained by investigating agents of the Cuautitlán Regional Prosecutor’s Office in the State of Mexico. This occurred in Salitrillo neighborhood where agents who were surveilling the area observed the couple using the child to deliver drugs.

Police officers approached the location where the drugs were delivered and saw that a man took out wrappers containing marijuana from the backpack the child was carrying on his bag. The man handed the backpack to another individual and then gave the woman money. They arrested Manuel (age 43) and Daniela (aged 35) for the crime.

When the agents inspected the backpack that the child was carrying, various packages of marijuana were found. The two adults were transferred to the local Public Prosecutor’s Office for their legal proceedings. They will likely be charged with human and drug trafficking.

The child is under the care of the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF) office in Huehuetoca municipality. Authorities are investigating the relationship the child may have with the two adult detainees.

The backpack contained several packages of marijuana
The 3-year-old child and the backpack used