Countries Are Starting To Hoard Food As The Pandemic Continues To Spread

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Bloomberg: Countries are starting to hoard food, threatening global trade

It’s not just grocery shoppers who are hoarding pantry staples. Some governments are moving to secure domestic food supplies during the conoravirus pandemic.

Kazakhstan, one of the world’s biggest shippers of wheat flour, banned exports of that product along with others, including carrots, sugar and potatoes. Serbia has stopped the flow of its sunflower oil and other goods. Russia is leaving the door open to shipment bans and said it’s assessing the situation weekly.

To be perfectly clear, there have been just a handful of moves and no sure signs that much more is on the horizon. Still, what’s been happening has raised a question: Is this the start of a wave of food nationalism that will further disrupt supply chains and trade flows?

“We’re starting to see this happening already — and all we can see is that the lockdown is going to get worse,” said Tim Benton, research director in emerging risks at think tank Chatham House in London.


Update: Countries begin to stop exporting FOOD as coronavirus sparks supply fears in some nations (Daily Mail/Reuters).

WNU Editor: The supply chain that the world runs on has been disrupted, and the expectation is that it is going to worse. Bottom line. Everyone is circling their wagons.

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