Could The U.S. And China ‘Sleepwalk’ Into A New War?

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US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are sleepwalking towards a potential lose-lose conflict. Image: Youtube

Francesco Sisci, Asia Times: US, China could be sleepwalking into a new war

US and China are playing a bizarre game of chicken in which both sides stand to lose

Is the world sleepwalking into a new war, be it hot or cold? And is the virus the oil to lubricate and fuel the clash that is centered on China and the US, but impacts the world?

Are countries playing a bizarre game of chicken where neither wants to step back for fear of losing domestic support? It is hard to miss this trend and most importantly, this is all happening without checks and stops.

There is no international organization apparently able to pull the brakes or mediate in this predicament.


WNU Editor: I am not worried about the U.S. and China “sleepwalking” in a war. I am more worried on China deliberately getting involved in a war with one of its neighbours, and then dragging everyone else into it.