Could China invade Taiwan Under President Xi Jinping And Win?

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Mr Xi has warned Taiwan “must and will be” reunited with China.(Xinhua) 

Yuke Chen is worried about having children — but not for the same reasons as most people in their twenties. 
The 24-year-old Taiwanese woman says she fears China will one day move to take back her island home by force, turning it into “the next Hong Kong”. 
Today, Taiwan is celebrating Double Ten Day, a day the self-governing island views as its National Day, however, China views Taiwan as a breakaway province and has never relinquished the right to use its military to seize control. 
Earlier this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that Taiwan “must and will be” reunited with China, and urged the island’s people to accept that fate. 
WNU Editor: A must read post on what a China victory over Taiwan would mean geopolitically.