Coronavirus: Saturday update as teachers and ministers told to ‘stop squabbling’


Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Saturday morning. We’ll have another update on Sunday.

1. ‘Stop squabbling’ over school reopening

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, says the government and teachers’ unions should “stop squabbling and agree a plan” to reopen schools safely. Ms Longfield’s intervention comes amid criticism of the government’s plan to begin opening primary schools in England for some pupils from 1 June.

Image copyright Office of the Children’s Commission
Image caption Anne Longfield said schools need to reopen “as quickly as possible”

2. ‘Think twice’ before heading to beauty spots

Councils in England fear a surge in visitors to beaches and country parks this weekend could result in a rise in infections. It’s the first weekend where people in England have been able to travel for outdoor exercise since lockdown restrictions began.

Image copyright PA Media

3. Banks under fire over virus Bounce Back Loans

Businesses are still struggling to access government-backed coronavirus loans from their banks. One entrepreneur tells us: “I can’t pay anything. I’m living on cards.”

Image copyright Hina Solanki

4. Trial to see if dogs can ‘sniff out’ virus

Could specialist medical sniffer dogs detect coronavirus symptoms in humans before they begin? A UK trial is trying to find out. The dogs are already trained to detect odours of cancers, malaria and Parkinson’s disease – and the study is backed by £500,000 of government funding.

Image copyright Medical Detection Dogs

5. Grieving together with a yellow heart

A family who lost their grandma, Sheila, has come up with a new and poignant way of remembering those who’ve died with Covid-19 – and it’s being replicated across the UK.

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Media captionA family who lost their grandma came up with a new way of remembering those who’ve died with Covid-19

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