Controlled-Opposition Project Veritas Suspends Operations After Covering Up And Lying About National File’s Ashley Biden Diary Scoop

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Last Updated on September 21, 2023

The controlled-opposition conservative group Project Veritas has suspended all of its operations for the time being amid financial problems and massive public backlash, marking another sad milestone for the group that helped Joe Biden take power several years ago.

In October 2020, NATIONAL FILE famously and exclusively broke the story of Ashley Biden’s childhood showers with Joe Biden, which she wrote about in her diary (READ THE DIARY HERE AT NATIONAL FILE). 

Sadly, Project Veritas actively covered up a tape of Ashley Biden confirming the diary to be real. Veritas’ then-frontman James O’Keefe, who outright refused to release the tape or send it to NATIONAL FILE, then lied on Hannity and said the diary could not be authenticated.

NATIONAL FILE continued to agitate for the full truth to come out. Eventually the Ashley Biden confirmation tape was released long after the 2020 election, but not before Project Veritas had done irreparable harm to the country and to the Truth movement by covering for Creepy Joe Biden.

O’Keefe was later ousted from Veritas in a coup that was reportedly led by longtime Project Veritas board member Matthew “The Rat” Tyrmand. Tyrmand also reportedly subsequently parted with the organization. Project Veritas has faced intense public scorn and condemnation since O’Keefe’s ouster.

“In the interest of preserving the possible future existence of Project Veritas we need to put operations on pause and, as communicated since the Spring, another Reduction in Force (“RIF”) is necessary,” stated Veritas human resources director Jennifer Kiyak.

NATIONAL FILE senior reporter Patrick Howley (that’s me) recently appeared on The Stew Peters Show to tell the full story of how I broke the diary story and struggled to get the Truth out to America, despite Project Veritas and Conservative Inc.’s attempts to squash the story.

A U.S. District Court Special Master has confirmed that the Ashley Biden diary is real and was conclusively proven to be true. Ashley Biden personally confirmed the diary to be authentic. National File exclusively reported in October 2020 on the diary, in which Ashley Biden describes her childhood showers with her father.

“Was I molested. I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma,” Ashley Biden wrote in her diary, referring to childhood sexual trauma. Ashley Biden also wrote in the diary about “showers with my dad” that she felt were “probably not appropriate.”

The National File Twitter account reported: “U.S. District Court Special Master CONFIRMS @PVeritas_Action had actually confirmed the Ashley Biden Diary was LEGITIMATE. Ashley Biden confirmed BY PHONE CALL that the diary was, in fact, hers. Project Veritas believed that the diary was, in fact, authored by Ashley Biden. The Special Master finds that “the documents are not protected by the qualified journalist’s privilege.”

The National File Twitter account reported: “SDNY chillingly finds that communications surrounding how a leak might have occurred within the organization are NOT subject to journalistic privilege. National File, whose staff has broken such stories as the Ralph Northam “Blackface / Klan Hood” scandal & the Cal Cunningham affair, did not originally acquire the diary. We have never heard from either Federal Authorities or SDNY with respect to this matter.”

NATIONAL FILE’s Charles Downs previously reported: Vish Burra released texts on Thursday that showed Matthew Tyrmand calling for James O’Keefe and Vish to be jailed. Tyrmand was reportedly one of the leaders of the Project Veritas Coup that ousted James O’Keefe, PV’s founder, from the organization. Tyrmand is also known to be in Ron DeSantis’ inner political circle.

Vish Burra released a screenshot of a message from Tyrmand that read, “Vish, Bannon and Jok (James O’Keefe) can share a jail cell in a federal work camp one day soon.” Vish tweeted above the screenshot, “People think I’m just picking on Ratt Turdmand @MatthewTyrmand for clicks. No. I can’t stay silent and not expose the MALICIOUS INTENT he has in his heart for myself, my friends, my mentors, and @JamesOKeefeIII, the guy he coup’d under false pretenses of fiduciary duty.”

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