Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — August 3, 2020

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A Chinese academic says trade can no longer be the cornerstone of the China-US relationship. Photo: AFP

Jun Mai, SCMP: Ramp up China-US defence talks to stabilise rocky relations, expert urges

* Nanjing University’s Zhu Feng says trade can no longer be a foundation for a strong relationship
* He tells Beijing to be on alert for attempts by the Trump administration to stoke tension

Beijing should restart high-level defence talks with Washington to ease pressure in ties between the two powers,
which are at their lowest level in decades, according to a prominent Chinese academic.

“With China-US ties in the state they are today, trade relations can no longer serve as the cornerstone of stable ties,” Nanjing University US specialist Zhu Feng wrote in the Global Times , a tabloid affiliated with Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily .


Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — August 3, 2020

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