Commando storms home and kills 96 y/o grandmother of murdered Ejido Commissioner

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An armed command shot a 96 year old woman named “Mariana” ‘N’ in Iguala Guerrero. This crime is not the first befalling in that family. In  October of last year, the woman’s grandson was murdered,  Ejido Commissioner Marco Antonio Bustamante Nájera.
In a statement the state government reported that “the lady, identified only by the name of Mariana N, 96, received several AK-47 caliber bullet impacts, who lost her life while sitting in a chair watching television.”
He added that “elements of various police corporations came and were informed that the gunmen first shot at the house and then entered.”
It should be noted that a nephew of Marco, Nicolás Nájera Salgado, nicknamed El Mike , was allegedly head of Iguala plaza for Los Guerreros Unidos and is currently held in a maximum security prison.   

Nicolás Nájera is also linked to the disappearance of the 43 students of the Ayotzinapa Normal, which took place in September 2014 in the city of Iguala.
Her death could be related to the release a few days ago of Gildardo Lopez Astudillo , alias “El Cabo Gil”.  El Mike succeeded El Gil when El Gil was arrested.
Witnesses to the murder of Mrs. Mariana, which took place in Nevada Street, in the Chapultepec neighborhood, located in the west of the city, confirmed that civilians carried AK-47 and AR-15 rifles, with which they entered the house by firing from the door and windows.
The first versions indicate that both murders, that of Commissioner Bustamante Nájera and that of his grandmother, Mariana N, could have as a motive the dispute that organized crime groups have in the northern part of the entity, and particularly in Iguala.
The authorities arrived at the scene who confirmed that in the assault a woman died who was identified as Mariana, grandmother of Marco Antonio Bustamante, who was shot and killed in Iguala,  on October 10, 2018, shot, outside a convenience store in the Ruffo Figueroa colony.
In July 2014 Bustamante Nájera accused the then mayor of Iguala, José Luis Abarca, of having threatened him with death, just two months before the disappearance of the 43 normalists of Ayotzinapa , between September 26 and 27 of that year.
The ex-ejido commissioner of Iguala made the complaint accompanied by Esther Orea Vargas, ex-mayor  of Iguala, who was also killed in March 2016.


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