CNN: Desperately Trying to Make Sure They Do Their Part in Protecting Joe Biden During This Week’s Debate

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Poor CNN host Kasie Hunt had no clue what was going to hit her. If only Brian Stelter were still with the network maybe he could have prepared her for the verbal arse-kicking she would receive if she followed her “orders,” which is a common thing with left-leaning networks these days.


Particularly with the network holding the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump this Thursday in Atlanta, she needed to protect her company’s former HQ, and damn she did try. 

As some of my colleagues here at RedState have shown, she kind of failed, along with the network in general.

Spokesperson Karoline Leavitt Gets Mic Cut by CNN for Calling Out
Jake Tapper’s Trump Bias

Kelley Paul Provides Inconvenient Reminder for Kasie Hunt
After Mic Cut Moment With Trump Spox

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So one of the things I like to check out here on the front page of RedState is when Larry O’Connor tackles one of these subjects. Today, Larry talked about how Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt had her mic cut off by CNN hothead Kasie Hunt when Karoline called out Jake Tapper for being a bit of a dunderhead, as shown above.

Hunt had to defend Jake. Her nobility knows no limits.

Here is the clip of Larry breaking it down.

CNN Host Ends Interview With Trump Spokesperson,
Goes Red in the Face When Called Out for Bias

Larry does his usual fine job of breaking this down and tying up a couple of the loose ends that most talking heads would gloss over and miss. However audacious it may be of me, I felt the need to add some points to his with something I had written here at RedState last week that I think fits in nicely overall with what everyone is saying.


CNN is in a no-win situation no matter how hard they try, and I’m pretty sure they don’t realize it. 

Which is fine with me.

Team Biden Is in a Panic Over the Trump Social Media Machine Bulldozing Them

A dead heat in Minnesota?

Minnesota was the only state that Ronald Reagan lost in 1984 by 3,761 votes, preventing the Gipper from a 50-state sweep for that cycle. If Trump is tied there, the Democrats are about to blow up electorally and they won’t like it.

As I just happened to be perusing, I came across an article that further confirms that the Democrats are a bit nervous about how Trump and the RNC are cooking their gooses. 

Salem Radio Network News

U.S. President Joe Biden’s main re-election SuperPAC is raising millions of dollars to try to solve a problem vexing Democrats: how to compete with Republican Donald Trump’s social media machine that spits out a wall of viral videos.

The previously unreported effort by the highly-secretive Future Forward USA Action underscores broad concerns among Democrats and Biden donors that he and his campaign are losing a viral-video war with the Republican Party, which relentlessly portrays him as too old and out of touch.

Democrats say they are playing catch-up in a battlefield with few rules or ways to police manipulated or misleading content before it reaches tens of millions of Americans on their smartphones.

The Palo-Alto-based SuperPAC, backed by tech giants like Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and LinkedIn founder Reed Hoffman, is raising at least $10 million to help better understand the algorithms that help Trump and his allies dominate vertical video platforms.

It also plans to collaborate with left-leaning influencers to help generate and disseminate new content, according to two sources familiar with the plans.


Biden’s team is worried that part of the reason Joe is behind is that the social media of the Trump team is better at getting out their message, but that is not the problem. Joe is the problem.

The slow drip of people aligned with the Democrats, from David Axelrod to James Carville to the Cuomo boys, who have been saying Joe has to go is the first sign of a presidency in peril. These people are dyed-in-the-wool party loyalists who would vote for Satan if he was assured of winning, and Joe is not assured of anything currently but freezing up.

Chris Cuomo Latest Democrat to Pile on Biden About Debate,
Speculates on Withdrawal From Race

CNN and Kassie Hunt have the solemn duty to do everything they can to keep the Joe Biden 2024 train on the tracks, but the engine of that train is leaking everything that makes a well-running engine run. Mostly oil, which in this case is just pure common sense — which, of course, most Bidens lack.

Hunt getting ticked off that her “colleague” Jake Tapper is being attacked for his actions over the past eight years is just pre-debate blather to try and use as an excuse after the possible unraveling of the Biden election bid because some Democrats will blame Tapper, CNN, and everyone else but Jill Biden after this event. This is the nature of politics, of course, but it is different this time.

They can’t hide Biden in the basement this time and I don’t even know if CNN has one. The brass at the network probably thought this was a great idea when they scheduled it, but after the last month of seeing Biden freeze up and babble, their task just became impossible.


The only thing that could save CNN and Joe Biden is if Donald Trump pushes Joe off stage if he wanders too close to the edge, and even then, his polling numbers could still go up.

In the meantime, let’s just hope Kasie and CNN have all their cover stories in place about why they could have never guessed Biden was as bad as he will come off. 

They are going to need it.

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