CNN Calls Uganda ‘Anti-Gay’ for Prosecuting Pedophilia, Rape of Disabled

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Last Updated on August 31, 2023

CNN is attacking the African nation of Uganda as “anti-gay” as two gay Ugandan men face the death penalty after being charged under the country’s law prosecuting “aggravated homosexuality,” which is defined as the homosexual rape of children, the disabled, the elderly, and one’s own family members.

CNN seemingly backed homosexuals who rape children and the disabled in a post the pro-gay corporate media network made to X this week, calling the prosecution of two homosexual alleged rapists under the country’s aggravated homosexuality statute “anti-gay.”

“Two men in Uganda are facing separate charges of ‘aggravated homosexuality,’ an offense punishable by death under the country’s controversial new anti-gay laws,” CNN wrote in the X post, not once mentioning that both the men charged are accused homosexual rapists, with one of them having allegedly raped a young boy and the other having allegedly raped a disabled person.

In a CNN news article linked in the X post, the network does concede that Ugandans facing the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” are responsible for raping children, though CNN doesn’t refer to the act as rape and instead calls it “sex with children.”

“’Aggravated homosexuality,’ according to the much-criticized act, involves incest, sex with children, as well as people with disabilities or the elderly,” CNN admitted in the article.

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As previously reported by National File, earlier this year, the African nation of Uganda enacted legislation giving the death penalty to gay pedophiles, and others found guilty of “aggravated homosexuality” which, as previously mentioned, is defined as the homosexual rape of a child, a disabled person, an elderly person, or one’s own family member.

The reaction to the law in the Western World has been one of outrage, with the Biden Administration repeatedly threatening sanctions against Uganda as a direct result of that nation executing gay pedophiles, which the US federal government claims is a grotesque violation of human rights.

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Furthermore, US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), an alleged “conservative” and Christian blasted Uganda’s adoption of the death penalty for gay pedophiles, calling the execution of child rapists “grotesque” and an “abomination.”

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