Cleaning Staff In Hazmat Suits Sanitize The West Wing

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The briefing room’s deep clean came after President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and returned to the White House on Monday evening 

 * Donald Trump arrived back at the White House on Monday night, taking off his face mask to enter the building 
 * The James S. Brady Press Briefing Room was sanitized by a White House employee in a hazmat suit   * A number of White House reporters and staffers have tested positive for COVID-19 after Trump’s initial diagnosis 
 * With Marine One as a backdrop, he filmed a campaign ad that was released on Twitter: ‘Maybe I am immune?’ 
 * The president claimed he had fallen ill because he had been ‘out front’ and said: ‘Don’t let it dominate you’ 
 * ‘As your leader I had to do that. I stood out front. I led. I know there’s a risk, a danger, but that’s OK,’ he said 
 * The president left Walter Reed after spending three nights at the hospital being treated for COVID-19 * He walked out the door at 6:40pm with a wave, a thumbs up and a fist pump before boarding Marine One 
 * At 6:45pm the helicopter took off from the Bethesda, Maryland facility and flew back to the White House 
 * Marine One landed at 6:55pm on the South Lawn of the White House 
 * Marine One crew will have to isolate for 14 days and the helicopter will have to be deep cleaned 
 * The 74-year-old president tweeted on Monday afternoon that he was feeling ‘better than I did 20 years ago!’ 
 * His treatment will continue at the White House with doctors on Monday saying he was ‘not out of the woods’ 
 * He has received four doses of remdesivir and will receive his fifth and final on Tuesday at the White House 
 * The virus has claimed more than 210,000 American lives and more than one million worldwide 
A cleaning crew outfitted in hazmat suits sanitized the West Wing after President Trump returned to the White House and a number of staffers tested positive in recent days. 
Trump on Monday walked out of Walter Reed Medical Center after being blindsided by his COVID-19 diagnosis last week, and boarded Marine One back to the White House. 
Trump admitted that his administration previously downplayed the pandemic -and officials were often seen flouting CDC recommendations – but photos taken after his arrival showed a renewed attempt at precaution. 
WNU Editor: Hazmat suits?!?!?! I have a friend who supervises the cleaning of a hospital in Montreal. She tells me that her staff, like the doctors and nurses, have the proper PPE equipment to do their jobs. To her using hazmat suits is overkill. I am not sure about that. The cleaning staff at the White House will certainly disagree with her. And if I was working there, I would certainly want the best protection possible. I am already doing that now. For example I use N95 masks because they provide the best protection available unlike the current facemasks and surgical masks that most people are wearing.