Claudia Ochoa “La Emperatriz De Los Ántrax’ dead

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The Kim Kardashian look alike was 35

Claudia Ochoa Felix was reportedly found dead in a private home of Musala Island in Culiacán.
Official sources confirmed that Claudia Ochoa Félix, who was called “The Empress of Anthrax” has died.
The report of the finding was given at 6:50 p.m. on Saturday in the private Pontevedra, on Musala Island.
On Friday night she attended a popular city center and then at dawn, had retired with her companion to the home where they continued drinking alcohol.

On Saturday morning the companion was unable to awaken Ochoa, paramedics were called who pronounced her dead.
She was 35 years old. 
The mother of Claudia Ochoa and some of her relatives arrived in the private Pontevedra, who confirmed her identification.
A drug overdose is suspected but not confirmed at this time, an autopsy is being conducted.
She was reported as being a love partner or wife of El Chino Antrax, real name Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, who is incarcerated in the United States.
She denied being romantically involved with Chino, saying they were only friends.  “I have no relationship with Mr. Arechiga!” she replied via a mobile device. “We were just friends and that’s all”.
However, in 2011 after her boyfriend, Dorian Trinidad Leon Angulo, was killed in an auto accident that she was also involved in, she was soon seen t the side of Chino Antrax head of the Los Anthrax hit squad.
Ochoa gained international fame as the Kim Kardashian look alike, with millions of viewers following her social media and her daily postings of photographs.  There were some very controversial photographs, such as her son lying in a bed laden with bundles of cash, or her posing with her pink AK47.
Those photos gave way to interest by the media of whom and what she was.  It was reported she was a part of Los Anthrax and had taken over leadership when Chino Anthrax was arrested.
She called for a press conference with her attorneys denying she was involved with Los Antrax or organized crime in general.  She conducted a short telephone interview with RioDoce claiming “‘I am being defamed’, but fell short of saying by whom.
She was upset that her family and she were being exposed.
When questioned about the images of her around the world, images of her carrying weapons and in the company of suspected drug traffickers, she said she would give another press conference to clarify everything.
“I can’t say anything; I am being advised by good lawyers. I’m going to appear before the media in a press conference; above all I want all those who have been lying about me to be present, they must know that I am going to take legal action against them.
Those questions were never answered.
As for exposing her children and family, she can thank herself for posting on 2 instagram accounts, 2 facebooks, and twitter for years.  Exposing not only her children, but her family and friends.
She then took a break from her social media clearing her accounts.  She did resume a couple of accounts including facebook but very low key.
She leaves three children she  had with her husband Sinaloa cartel lieutenant El Chavo Felix.