CJNG: “El 15” and “El M2 “, organized the Aguililla police attack that killed 13

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A CJNG cell of expert marksmen were responsible for the police ambush on Monday in Aguililla, Michoacán , causing the deaths or 13 and wounding 9.
A few hours after the attack Tepalcatepec community police revealed the identity of who they say is responsible for the attack. Each killer was named and photograph provided.
“Any information, as responsible citizens, has the duty to report to authorities; either to military headquarters or dialing 911.  We have to do our part in fighting organized crime.”
Those named as the killers:
Jose Guadalupe Rodriguez Castillo or “El 15”, also known as “Don Lupe” plaza chief in Cd Guzman Tecalitlán, Tuxpan, Pihuamo, Jilotlán all in Jalisco.    [Guzman is apx 5 hrs from Aguililla]

He also controls the El Aguaje plaza  in Aguililla where the ambush occurred against state police.
El 15 was one of those arrested for the disappearance of three Italians last year in Jalisco, however a judge ordered his release.
Community police members accuse “El 15” of primary responsibility for the fierce wave of violence in Michoacán and Jalisco border [JalMich] in recent months.  The main dispute is against Los Viagras.
Candido Perez Garcia “El Chirrin, right had man of El 15 and sicario boss.

El Negrito, lieutenant of the CJNG delta group who appears in CJNG organization videos.
He is the closest to “RR” who is part of the organizational first tier of El Mencho.
According to community police Miguel Fernandez or “M2” was in charge of leading the ambush.

Pedrin or La Coya is said to be responsible for dozens of murders in Aguililla although he resides in Jalisco.

El Jaguar or Burro Gris, a former military and member of CJNG Delta group located in El Aguaje, he is intellectual author of the multi-homicide of Michoacán police.
Also added to the list is El Tombo or La Sema, group leader in Aguililla, under the direction of Coya.
Maria Esquivel aka La Catrina, is the woman who was identified in one of the recordings as responsible for perpetrating the attack. In the recording M2 instructs Catrina to shoot at police convoy and to place narco messages.
Catrina, originally from Tepalcatepec, was located in Apatzingán but later sent to Aguaje by M2.


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