CJNG arrives in CDMX … its objective is to replace the Union Tepito

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  From ElSol   Thank You Neal!

The Union Tepito Cartel has been weakened by arrests and assassinations of its leaders. Confirmation of CJNG operating in Mexico City
Few days ago elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety [SCC], captured three subjects of which two are alleged members of CJNG, in the streets of Mexico City that negotiated a shipment of almost a half-ton of marijuana.
According to journalist Hector de Mauleon, the CJNG members evealed in their declaration that they arrived in the nation’s capital “to expand the market” and “fill the gap” left by the Tepito Union, after the arrests and murder of its leaders.
The detainees said they were trying to sell a shipment of 400 kilos of marijuana from Jalisco, “With the intention of opening contacts in Mexico City.”

An element of the undersecretary of Intelligence told the journalist that the subjects offered a bribe of 300k pesos to avoid going to prison.
The subjects had plastic bags with various amounts of marijuana, that were labeled “Bol”, “Nor”, “see”, and “Joy Star”.
The Citizen Security already confirms that CJNG is already operating in Mexico City.


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