Ciudad Obregón, Sonora: El Mankio and El Indio of The Cartel de La Antena Are Executed

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El Mankio and El Indio we’re leaders of the criminal group Los Antenas de Bacum.

El Indio was plaza head in San Ignacio Rio Muerto, Sonora.

Obregon, Sonora – A new armed aggression was registered in Ciudad Obregon. The events occurred at 2:00 pm on Calle Kino and Calle Ostimuri.

Three people were in the parking lot of a restaurant about to board a gray Jeep Cherokee when they were shot by a lone unidentified gunman who fled without haste from the scene.

Fermin Meraz aka El Mankio received three bullet impacts in the chest and died of cardiac arrest.

While Emanuel Meraz “El Indio”, 33, who served as the plaza head of San Ignacio Rio Muerto, Sonora was transferred to an emergency room where hours later he lost his life.
The other injured is German Meraz, 17, who was seriously injured but convalesced in a local hospital.
Those executed are part of the organization led by his brother Francisco Javier Meraz “El Antena” who, under the orders of the singer Alfredito Olivas father, Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela “El Chapo Alfredo” or El Alfa commands the group of hit men known as “Los Antenas De Bacum”.

Criminals who have converted the Yaqui Valley, Ciudad Obregon, Bacum and Vicam into populations painted with blood and lead. To which are attributed assassinations, theft of fuel (huachicoleo), forced disappearances, vehicle thefts, rapes and the murder of the City of Bacum officials.
All this under the protection of military and state authorities who are accused of allowing them to operate with impunity. They detain and deliver them to be executed.
 “The military doesn’t stop them even if they see them armed in several vehicles,” said one inhabitant with his eyes on the ground. In the town of San Jose de Bacum, on October 31 armed men in 6 vehicles fired at homes for an hour without interference from authorities.
A day before hitmen under the direct order of El Antena set fire to an address in the Ejido Morelos 1 in the Yaqui Valley, not caring that a farmer and his family were inside. The same happens in Pueblo Yaqui where “Los Antenas” have recently disappeared and executed many inhabitants of the town.

These criminals have nested and have made base within the population of Ejido Francisco Javier Mina, Campo 60. They go on crime sprees in caravans of 5 to 6 vehicles. All before the eyes of residents who live frightened with fear and under threat of reporting anything. On account of informants amongst police ranks that have a direct line with El Antenna.
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