Chinese Soldiers On The Streets Of Hong Kong

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Daily Mail: Chinese soldiers are seen on streets of Hong Kong for the first time: People’s Liberation Army helps ‘clean up’ after thousands launch latest furious protests that saw barricades erected by students

* Troops on the streets may enrage protesters and stoke more controversy over Chinese-ruled territory’s status
* Clashes with police increasingly violent, and China has warned any attempt at independence will be crushed
* By late afternoon, the soldiers had left the streets outside Baptist University, which neighbours their barracks
* Up to 12,000 troops believed to be based across Hong Kong – more than double the usual garrison number

China’s People’s Liberation Army soldiers in shorts and t-shirts made a surprising appearance on the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday, helping residents clean up debris and barricades after anti-government protests blocked roads.

The presence of PLA troops on the streets, even to help clean up roads near their base, could enrage protesters and stoke further controversy over the Chinese-ruled territory’s autonomous status.

Up to 12,000 soldiers are now believed to be based across Hong Kong – more than double the usual garrison number, foreign envoys and security analysts estimate.


WNU Editor: The official excuse is that they are on the streets to clean the debris from past demonstrations …. China’s PLA soldiers seen helping clean up streets after Hong Kong protests: RTHK (Reuters). The real purpose is to send a message to the protesters that Chinese troops are nearby.

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