Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping Objected To A Second North Korea Invasion Of South Korea

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UPI: China’s Deng Xiaoping objected to second North Korea invasion, document shows

March 31 (UPI) — Former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping opposed a second North Korean invasion of South Korea and regarded Pyongyang’s military as the weaker of the two Koreas, according to a document released by Seoul’s foreign ministry on Tuesday.

The South Korean diplomatic document dating from 1989 includes a summary of a conversation that took place on June 23, 1987, between Junya Yano, former chairman of the Komeito, or Clean Government Party in Japan, and South Korean delegates of the Korea-Japan Friendship Association, South Korean news service News 1 reported.


WNU Editor: Not surprised to learn about this. When I was working in China in the 1980s I was told repeatedly that former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s focus was on building up China’s economic wealth, and to build bridges with neighbouring countries. The last thing that he wanted to get involved in was wars and conflicts. As to how would he react to today’s China? I think he would be pleased to see how wealthy China has become, but I think he would not approve of its massive arms build-up and being in border conflict with its neighbours.

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