China’s Military Is Claiming A Successful ABM Intercept Test

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A graphic on midcourse missile defense that the People’s Daily newspaper included in a story about an anti-ballistic missile defense test in 2018. People’s Daily 

China is developing multiple ballistic missile interceptors, some of which could also double as anti-satellite weapons. 
Details are still limited, but the Chinese government says that it has carried out an anti-ballistic missile test. State media reports say that the goal was to demonstrate capabilities to intercept an intermediate-range ballistic missile, or IRBM, during the midcourse portion of its flight. However, these kinds of interceptors can also double as anti-satellite weapons. 
China’s Ministry of Defense announced the test on Feb. 4, 2021, and said it achieved all of its goals, but offered no additional details, including whether an actual intercept of any kind had taken place. Chinese authorities also insisted that the test was purely defensive in nature and was not meant a signal to any country in particular. 
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