China’s Goal Of Becoming A Superpower Is Limited By Its Lack Of Energy And Water Supplies

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Haley Zaremba, China’s Superpower Status At Risk As Energy Nightmare Intensifies

China has set its sights high – very high – in terms of economic development, aiming to become not just one of the world’s superpowers by 2049 (the 100 year anniversary of the People’s Republic of China) but the leading superpower worldwide. With such lofty goals China has barreled full-speed ahead toward the future, and now it’s starting to look like the nation’s hasty growth is finally catching up with it.

China’s superpower ambitions don’t seem like such a far-fetched idea, considering that China is already the second-largest economy in the world and growing all the time. But for China, this comes with a massive set of challenges.

“China faces a protracted and increasingly difficult struggle to secure energy and water supplies to feed its insatiable appetite. From having to sustain a population over four times that of America’s 330 million, China is already at a severe disadvantage against the world’s incumbent superpower,” reports digital media news site SupChina. “China has only a portion of the U.S.’s oil, gas, and water resources, and that gap in self-sufficiency is likely to widen further.”


WNU Editor: The U.S. for the past few decades was dependent on outside energy supplies, but that did not stop it from becoming and staying a super power. The Soviet Union had enormous energy reserves and water supplies, but it collapsed as a super-power. There are many factors that make a country a super-power besides having access to energy supplies. As to having access to clean water supplies. This is a big problem for China. They are only now reversing the damage they have done to their environment.

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