China Wants To Use Its ‘Biggest And Most Powerful Destroyer’ To Deter The U.S.

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Daily Mail: China wants to use its ‘biggest and most powerful destroyer’ to deter the U.S. from undermining Beijing’s ‘core interests’, expert says

* The commissioning of the Nanchang is meant to ‘deter the Americans’
* It reflects the rivalry between Beijing and Washington, the expert adds
* The type 055 guided missile destroyer entered active service on Sunday
* Beijing hopes to use the ship to ‘impress upon its perceived aggressors’

China wants to use the commissioning of its ‘biggest and most powerful destroyer’ to prevent the United State from undermining its ‘core interests’, an expert claims.

The official delivery of the Nanchang, the country’s first Type 055 guided missile destroyer, is meant to deter the Americans, he says.

The ceremony is an attempt from Beijing to ‘demonstrate its sufficient political will and military capability to the U.S. Government, especially under the present Trump Administration’, the Asia-based researcher adds.

The message from Beijing is that ‘any effort to undermine or subvert Beijing’s “core interests” concerning territorial and sovereignty issues – such as the case of Taiwan, and the South China Sea – could be met with military response.’


WNU Editor: Expect many more to be built in the coming years.

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