China Wants To Buy More Advanced Russian Fighters

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A fleet of China-owned Sukhoi Su-35s is deployed in this undated photo, shared by the Chinese air force to social media site Sina Weibo. Russia has offered to sell China another batch of the upgraded fighter jet. Chinese People’s Liberation Army

Newsweek: China May Buy More Advanced Russian Jets, Ignoring U.S. Sanctions

China is reportedly considering an offer to purchase more advanced Russian fighter jets, once again ignoring U.S. sanctions.

The state-run Tass Russian News Agency cited the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation as saying Wednesday it was “expecting a response from China on our offer to purchase modern weapons and military equipment manufactured in Russia, including additional batches of Su-35 fighter jets.”

The aircraft is an upgraded version of the Sukhoi Su-27 and Beijing already bought two dozen for some $2.5 billion.

Official China Central Television column Weihutang issued a report of its own Saturday suggesting that a second batch could help to further modernize the Chinese air force’s aging fleet. On Sunday, however, Chinese air defense expert Fu Qianshao told Chinese Communist Party tabloid The Global Times that there would likely be another reason for the purchase.


Update: The Real Reason China Keeps Buying Russia’s Best Fighter Jets (Michael Peck, The National Interest)

WNU Editor: The Russian fighter jet that the Chinese really want to get there hands on is this one …. Russia Orders 76 Su-57 Stealth Jets (May 18, 2019).

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