China-U.S. Diplomatic Back Channels Have Dried-Up

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Politico: China-U.S. diplomatic back channels dry up, making communication harder

Coronavirus travel restrictions and a more belligerent diplomacy style on both sides make constructive communication difficult.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated a breakdown in the conversations that have so often underpinned — and sometimes rescued — relations between Beijing and Washington.

Chinese foreign ministry officials are pursuing their Wolf Warrior brand of diplomacy, hurling insults over Twitter, a platform banned in their own country. For his part, President Donald Trump has taken to directly and repeatedly blaming China for the spread of the virus during his frequent press comments.

The flurry of behind-the-scenes meetings and messages — between government officials, business executives, former officials and academics — has ground to a halt as a result of the rising hostility and travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, according to people usually involved in the discussions.


WNU Editor: The U.S. is not the only country that is having problems in their communications with Beijing. The pandemic has destabilized the world, and from what I have read and analyzed it is obvious that major world leaders are “steamed” at China on what has happened, and many are blaming President Xi personally for this disaster. The only major world leader who is still talking with Chinese President Xi is Russian President Putin. But considering how this pandemic is now ravishing Russia, I am willing to bet that this Xi-Putin relationship is being severely tested right now.