China Mobile International partners with Omantel for third PoP in Middle East

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China Mobile International (CMI) has joined forces with Omantel to establish its third Point of Presence (PoP) in the region in Oman. The new PoP will use Omantel’s subsea network to improve latency, prevent single point failure and connect with other CMI PoPs for resilient connectivity in the Middle East, supporting connectivity for multinational businesses.

Omantel has invested in 20 subsea cable systems covering 120 locations around the world. It is the first carrier within the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to land a submarine cable in Europe. The Oman PoP connects to the Dubai, Fujairah and Djibouti PoPs through CMI’s SMW-5 and AAE-1 cable system, and links to other APAC cable systems in Singapore such as SJC and APG going to Hong Kong.

In the future, more new cables will be linked to the Muscat PoP to strengthen CMI’s connectivity and provide an alternative path through the Middle East. 

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