China Expands Covid Lockdowns. Social Media Videos Show ‘Quarantine Camps’

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Daily Mail: The reality of Zero Covid in Communist China: Social media videos show ‘quarantine camps’ where pregnant women and children are confined to tiny cells amid reports of mass detentions in the dead of night 

* Residents have been transferred to quarantine camps in China, insiders say 

* The camps have rows of cramped metal boxes with a wooden bed and toilet 

* 20million people in China are under strict lockdown rules ahead of Olympics 

Sprawling quarantine camps with rows upon rows of cramped metal boxes to house people suspected of having Covid-19 have sprung up in China, social media videos show. 

The Communist country is attempt to eradicate the virus despite warnings that the more infectious Omicron variant makes a Zero Covid strategy impossible, even with the draconian measures used by Beijing. 

There are now a total of 20million people confined to their homes in China after the cities of Anyang and Yuzhou joined the 13million in Xi’an under quarantine and banned from leaving their home even to buy food.  

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China Expands Covid Lockdowns 

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