China Battles Biggest Community Outbreak Of Covid-19 Since 2020

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NBC News: 13 million in Chinese city of Xi’an told to stay home amid growing Covid-19 surge 

Xi’an residents have been largely barred from traveling out of the city and only allowed to leave their homes to get tested or shop for essentials. 

A Chinese city of 13 million is on strict lockdown with residents being told to stay at home with windows closed as the country’s daily reported domestic Covid-19 cases hit highs last seen in early 2020. 

The central city of Xi’an, which is some 600 miles southwest of Beijing, remained under lockdown for a fifth day Monday as authorities reported 150 new local symptomatic coronavirus cases and launched a new round of mass testing.  

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WNU Editor: Beijing is telling its citizens to be calm …. China reports highest number of daily COVID cases in 20 months (Global Times). 

Update: China is imposing new restrictions on international travel …. Delta says flight to Shanghai turned back because of new Covid rules (NBC). 

China Battles Biggest Community Outbreak Of Covid-19 Since 2020  

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