Chilpancingo, Guerrero: 4 Dismembered are left in Tepecoacuilco, 1 Human Head in Huitzuco

Latin America World
 Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source
Upon arrival, the authorities first located two dismembered bodies and almost simultaneously two others in the same way, near the towns of Atetetla and San Vicente Papala municipality of Tepecoacuilco.
It was also reported that at 9 pm on Tuesday, a human head was located in the municipality of Huitzuco, which corresponds to one of the dismembered bodies that were left in Tepecoacuilco.
Workers of the State Attorney General’s Office carried out the corresponding proceedings. The remains were sent to the Iguala Forensic Medical Service for forensic studies.
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Graphic Image of Dismemberment Below—No further text


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