Celaya Guanajuato: The body of “Dulce” 13 year old abducted girl, discovered partially buried at a narco “safe house”

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The body of missing girl named Dulce,
a minor from Celaya who was searched for  after being abducted from her home since
October 1, was found semi-buried by staff of the State Attorney General’s
Office when inspecting a house that served as a safe-house for an organized
crime cell that was arrested after shooting at agents of the State Forces in
that municipality.

The attack by the hit men
occurred on October 9. Nine of them were arrested and brought before a judge.

It wasn’t until Sunday 18 when
the State Attorney General’s Office revealed that when searching the home where
the armed group was sheltered, a semi-buried young girls  body was found in the backyard. The body was
transferred to the Forensic Service to carry out the autopsy and

[Below are the subhuman bastards that had little Dulce then half-buried her.  They are charged with abduction, femicide, and homicide among other charges.  Let’s hope Ducle receives justice, one way or another.]

Although it does not reveal in
the statement, Guadalupe Tamayo Garcia Apro was able to learn that the body
corresponds to the minor Dulce Guadalupe, 13 years old, for whom an Amber Alert
was issued after reporting her disappearance, which occurred on October 1 at
her own home.

The minor was presumably taken
from her home and wanted returned by her relatives.

In the statement released on the
18th -17 days after the minor’s disappearance- the Attorney General’s Office
stated that, after the attack that occurred in Rincón de Tamayo, personnel from
the Criminal Investigation Agency carried out some proceedings in a building
that was inhabited by the criminal group where the body of the minor was found.

“The legal identity of the
victim was determined for whom there was an open investigation into her
disappearance, since days before she had been deprived of her liberty by armed
individuals who took her from her home,” the statement said.

Upon being presented before a
criminal judge, the detainees were accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of
femicide, disappearance committed by individuals, robbery, as well as attempted
murder against the elements of the State Security Forces who were shot on the
9th of October.

In addition, the specialized
public Ministry charged them with the possession of weapons for the exclusive
use of the armed forces and explosive devices “of which the competent
federal authority will hear,” the FGE reported.

The nine detainees -Abraham,
Salvador, Edwin, Gerardo, Mario, Adalid, José, Cristian and Daniel- were linked
to the process and will remain in preventive detention.

According to the Prosecutor’s
Office, there are other open investigations that involve the nine detainees in
other criminal acts in the Laja-Bajío region.

Note: While some reports state
she was taken FROM her home, others report she was taken near her home