Celaya Guanajuato: CJNG and CSRL each leave narco messages and body parts, as Celaya violence heightens

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 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Reforma

Between Saturday and Sunday 25 people were killed, Yesterday, five human heads and three decapitated bodies were scattered in various parts of the municipalities of Celaya, Salamanca and Romita.

Three dismembered bodies and
several canvases with narco messages from an organized crime group were located
this Monday in Celaya, Guanajuato.

The remains of a person inside a
black bag were found in the parking area of
​​the El
Dorado market, along with a message signed by the “Grupo los M”,
accompanied by an Omega symbol and red triangles 
similar to those used the Santa
Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL).

Meanwhile, several canvases with
messages signed by the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) were hung on
vehicular bridges on the Avenida Constituyentes and Panteón Norte in the city
of Celaya, as well as in various communities in the municipality.

Two dismembered bodies were left
next to one of the narco messages.

The Elite Group of the CJNG
boasts in the messages its presence in Celaya and warns that it will persecute Los “M” the group of “El Azul”, alleged new leader of the CSRL.

Yesterday, five human heads and
three decapitated bodies were scattered in various parts of the municipalities
of Celaya, Salamanca and Romita.

One of the heads was located in
the municipal DIF of Celaya, another in the Colonia Guanajuato de Salamanca and
three more on one side of the Romita-Puerto Interior highway.

Last Thursday, Celaya had one of
its most violent days, with executions, dismembered and burned bodies and
attacks with firearms.

Security cameras of the
establishment registered when a man shot him several times, placed a piece of
cardboard that he carried with him, took pictures of him and fled.

According to the daily homicide
registry of the Secretariat for Citizen Security and Protection, between
Saturday and Sunday 25 people were killed.

Translation of narco banner at top:

To all the merchants and
businessmen of Guanajuato

As a result of the acts that have affected innocent
civilians in their businesses and shops within the municipalities of the state.
We invite everyone to denounce the extortions and taxation’s that filthy
criminals carry out.

They have resorted to committing
these acts out of sheer desperation. All businessmen and merchants are hereby
reminded that we the CJNG don’t charge taxation’s, nor extort. This is why we
insist and invite everyone to anonymously denounce to authorities these crimes.

Just the same if there is some
info that can be contributed, do so anonymously on social networks, while we go
about with our purge of these executioners of innocent civilians.

On behalf of CJNG we reiterate
our total support for the townspeople in general. And as for all you gang
bangers who like to run and hide. Stop killing innocent civilians and affecting
their businesses, commerce, as well as the general public.

For this reason, the purge continues
and we’re coming after everyone. Come out to the confrontation you cheap ass
gang of hungry fucks. Especially that filthy fucking fool El Azul, and Los M’s.
As well anyone else who supports these murderers of innocent civilians.

In view of all things considered
we are already inside of Celaya and it’s surroundings. We’re not going to allow
anymore criminalistic acts like the ones that took place at the Salamanca
Market, the execution of taco vendors out of Irapuato, the armed attack at the
Jaral Bar, as well as many other cowardly acts that have occurred.

Let it be made clear that the
whole state of Guanajuato already has its owner. Sincerely, CJNG Grupo Elite—Translation
by Sol Prendido