CBS Anchor Asks Kamala Harris, ‘Are You Taking The Threat of a 2nd Trump Presidency Seriously Enough?’ (VIDEO)

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CBS anchor Margaret Brennan asked Kamala Harris if she is “taking the threat of a second Trump presidency seriously enough” during an interview in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A portion of the interview aired during Sunday’s edition of Face the Nation.

“But even Democrats are worried about the president’s age. The Wall Street Journal had a poll showing two-thirds of Democrats say Joe Biden is too old to run again. Are you prepared to be commander-in-chief?” Brennan asked Harris.

Harris replied, “Yes, I am, if necessary. But Joe Biden is going to be fine. And let me tell you something: I work with Joe Biden daily. Under Joe Biden’s leadership, we have transformed and are in the process of transforming America’s infrastructure with a historic investment in, not only roads and bridges, but high speed internet, what we are doing around issues like lead pipes, and I could go on and on.”

“Are you taking the threat of a second Trump presidency seriously enough?” Brennan asked.

Appearing to be stunned by the inquiry, Harris replied, “I don’t understand the question.”

“You were dismissive of some of the Republican criticism of you and the president,” Brennan said. “When you look at current polling, the front-runner for the Republican nomination is the former president, the 45th president.”

“We will win reelection,” Harris began.

Brennan attempted to interject, saying, “Do you feel–”

Harris promptly cut her off and replied, “We will win, we will win reelection. There is too much at stake and the American people know it.”

Biden and Trump are currently in a virtue tie, according to the latest polls.

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