cargolux flight makes emergency landing at kuala lumpur airport after fire in cockpit

Cargolux flight makes emergency landing at Kuala Lumpur airport after fire in cockpit


PUTRAJAYA: A cockpit fire caused a Cargolux Airlines flight to return to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on Wednesday (Jan 16) shortly after take-off.

The global cargo carrier’s flight CV703 was en-route to Zhengzhou, China, when an emergency was declared after the crew reported the presence of fire and smoke in the cockpit.

“The operating crew took the decision of returning to Kuala Lumpur where the aircraft safely landed,” the Luxembourg-based cargo airline said in a statement.

Cargolux added that the crew were able to leave the aircraft unharmed.

KLIA operator Malaysia Airports Holdings said the plane proceeded to make an emergency landing at Runway 1 (32R) at about 8.15pm.

“However, we are glad to note that the aircraft landed safely and the incident didn’t involve any casualty,” the operator said. The runway was closed for the Airport Fire Rescue Service team to inspect the aircraft.

“We are expecting flights to be delayed due to the runway closure. Please check with your airlines on the latest flight schedules,” it added.

The operator said the authorities had been informed and Cargolux was fully cooperating in the investigation to determine the cause of the incident.