Canadian Noshad Dowladi Killed Was Said to Belong to CJNG

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Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City – Jesús Adrián S R says he is part of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). He says that he and his accomplices were offered 200 thousand pesos for executing a Canadian citizen in the Miguel Hidalgo city center, but that they “unintentionally” killed an “old man” who was passing by.
According to him, the Canadian was also part of the group of drug traffickers, but for some reason, he was ordered to kill him.
Jesús Adrián is the man arrested Tuesday by intelligence agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), accused of the shooting recorded on Saturday morning, in the Social Reform colony.

The victims of that attack were the Canadian Noshad Dowladi, and the Spanish family father Eliezar Adame. Guillermina Rodríguez, a cleaning worker, was also shot in the leg.
The first one, was the direct target of the attack, but the other, died from a stray bullet that entered through the window of his truck and hit him in the neck.
Capital authorities revealed that, after being detained in the Tláhuac area, Jesús Adrián revealed some details of the case.
He told them that he and six other men were in charge of killing the man from Canada. They were offered 200 thousand pesos to kill him, and then they dedicated themselves to watching him in the hotel where he was living.
According to him, they were all part of the CJNG. The Canadian, he said, used to travel to the United States and Canada as part of his duties in the criminal group.
A few days ago they were ordered to kill him. On Friday, he said, they were about to do so, but for some reason they decided to leave and return on Saturday.
That day they saw him walking with his dogs. While some watched, others waited in a car. In the instant that he was on the sidewalk, they decided to go after him and shoot him in the head.
But he was not the only one that was injured.
“We killed the old man in the white truck, but it was unintentionally, oh well,” he told them.
He talked about the Spanish family man Eliezar Adame, who was passing by on board his truck, with his wife and son.
Jesus Adrian did not want to give more details of his accomplices. He mentioned some very generic nicknames and descriptions.
He said he was afraid they would do something to him, his wife or his six-year-old daughter. Therefore, the authorities assume, he preferred to ensure that he did not know more details.
Yesterday, police officers arrested him with drugs in Tláhuac, and later handed him over to the Attorney General of the City.
Last night the public prosecutor from the Homicides Prosecutors office worked to gather evidence against him.


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