Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Has Two Mortgages With State-Run Bank of China

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WNU Editor: Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne has two registered residential mortgages with the state-owned Bank of China in London. Mr. Champagne, who was first elected to the House of Commons in 2015, bought two apartments in London – one in in 2009 and one in 2013 – while he was an executive with Amec Foster Wheeler PLC, the British multinational construction and engineering giant.

The opposition, with some justification, are claiming this opens him to ”personal financial vulnerability” at a time when relations with Beijing are at a standstill over the illegal detention of two Canadians, and China’s response to the pandemic. But what I find disturbing about this news report is that with the exception of the Globe and Mail that broke this story (behind a paywall) …. Foreign Affairs Minister has two mortgages with state-run Bank of China (Globe and Mail), no one else in the Canadian media is covering it. Even during this morning’s press conference with PM Justin Trudeau, not one question was brought up on this issue. This stands in stark contrast to the Canadian media’s overwhelming coverage in the past few years over claims that President Trump owes money to Russian banks …. U.S. Supreme Court hears momentous cases involving access to Trump tax, business records (CBC/Reuters). Is there a double standard at play …. you betcha.

Update: Here is an example on how the Canadian media wants to portray Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne …. The smiley, friendly, cunning François-Philippe Champagne (Macleans). Talk about over the top “puff” pieces.

Update #2: This analysis is true. Canadians do not have a favourable view of China …. Even the Nicest Country in the World Doesn’t Like China (Therese Shaheen, National Review).

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