Can President Trump Still Win In November?

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Pat Buchanan: A Focused Trump Can Still Pull It Out

If Donald Trump loses the election, history will attribute his defeat to a pandemic that killed 200,000 Americans during his reelection campaign, and a historic depression deliberately induced to put the economy in a coma as the nation suffered through that pandemic.

But despite the worst hand dealt a sitting president since Herbert Hoover in 1932, Trump is by no means cooked.

Since the conventions of the DNC and RNC, Trump has narrowed the gap in several battleground states that will decide the winner of the Electoral College. One Florida poll found that Trump had erased Joe Biden’s margin and pulled even.

Trump’s denunciations of the riots that have gripped U.S. cities since the Memorial Day death of George Floyd have already forced Biden to come out of his basement to deplore the violence. And the contrast in their appearances has been dramatic.


WNU Editor: One of the better analysis that I have read so far on the US Presidential election.

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