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Pakistan is a country located in South Asia with population of 220 million. It was part of India historically till 1947 when there was a wave of freedom in which many countries got freedom from British empire, France, Spain and Italy. India at that time, was a huge British colony. It comprised of today’s India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Nepal Burma, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

The whole region has given hundreds and thousands of their sons to the Royal British Army at that time and lost their lives during First and Second World War. Since its birth Pakistan has been an important State in the world generally and in the Islamic world particularly.

Due to its geo-strategic location, it has been an important state between China, India, Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia. There is no other way to connect these regions except through Pakistan. Being the second largest Islamic country in the world after Indonesia, it holds a very special place among Islamic world and plays an important role in the regional and international politics.

Pakistan has helped a lot the United States during the Russian invasion into Afghanistan and after 9/11 American war in Afghanistan. Now it has helped US again in bringing Taliban to table talks with the US.

No doubt that United States has a big rift with Iran on so many issues these days and there is a potential threat that two countries either directly or indirectly might indulge in a war. There may not be a direct war between the two countries but Iran could potentially attack on some of the regional allies of US like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE etc.

Iran has history of existence 7000 B.C. It’s a 9000 years old country with lots of history and civilization. It has the most experienced diplomacy. Their diplomatic moves are always remarkable. The United States of America needs to sit with Tehran and negotiate on their demands and requirements. Iran will be able to offer lot more than Taliban to the US. They don’t get tired of talks and diplomatic talks. Nuclear deal with international powers of the world is an extreme example of that which took months and years to get finalized and signed. Only US had stepped out of the deal, rest of the countries have not.

Due to important geo-strategic location of Pakistan, US government can get a lot of help from Pakistan in terms of getting Tehran to a table talks. Pakistan is a neutral country between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims and can help both countries coming together. In international politics, everything is possible especially when it comes to saving the two countries from a potential war. Today’s friends could be your enemy tomorrow and today’s enemy could be your best friend tomorrow. North Korea is another example of that where there was a potential threat of war between US and North Korea but today, both leaders are good friends despite concerns from military establishment.

US government should try this channel once and see the difference. Unfortunately, many US people are not aware of the potential of Pakistan as a responsible country. All they know is what they learn from media and media is always with those who feed it well.

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