Can Biden Win Reelection? Microsoft’s New AI ‘Healthy Information Ecosystem’ Could Be the Difference

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From pre-USSR Russian Bolsheviks (and probably before) to Canadian Catholic Archbishops to today’s Democrat Party, variations of the following quote have stuck around for a reason.


Those who control the media of communication will ultimately control the minds of the people.

The reason, of course, is because the maxim is true. 

This brings us to the issue at hand. Microsoft is launching a plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create a “healthy information ecosystem” — just in time for the 2024 election. How “coincidental.”  

The world’s richest company announced its plans in a February 5 headline on its website

Here’s How We’re Working with Journalists to Create Newsrooms of the Future with AI

Today, Microsoft is launching several collaborations with news organizations to adopt generative AI. In a year where billions of people will vote in democratic elections worldwide, journalism is critical to creating healthy information ecosystems, and it is our mission, working with the industry, to ensure that newsrooms can innovate to serve this year and in the future.

Through these new programs, we are helping these organizations identify and refine the procedures and policies to use AI responsibly in newsgathering and business practices, helping train a new generation of reporters on best uses of AI and identify ways AI can help create efficient business practices and help build sustainable newsrooms for generations to come.


(Emphasis, mine.)

Those two paragraphs should send chills down the spine of every freedom-loving American.

Let’s think back to the quote at the beginning of the article. The Democrat Party has for decades been masterful (much more so than the Republican Party) at creating buzzwords and code language to appeal — often through fear tactics — to low-information voters. “The masses,” if you will. 

“War on women,” “common sense,” “fair share,” “gun reform,” “economic justice,” “white supremacy” — the list goes on — are used by the left to manipulate low-information, politically predisposed people to vote Democrat. Yes, it really is that simple.

Welp, Bill Gates and Microsoft intend to make it a whole lot more complex — and virtually invisible.

“Working directly with newsrooms, universities, journalists, and industry groups,” Microsoft said, continuing:

[W]e will help these organizations use AI to grow audiences, streamline time-consuming tasks in the newsroom, and build sustainable business operations. Our goal is to support thriving, sustainable newsrooms with the technology they need to perform the essential function of informing the world.

Hold the bus. 

“[W]e will help these organizations … grow audience.” That sounds a whole lot like marketing (because that’s precisely what it is), doesn’t it? And how does a news organization grow its audience? By giving its target market more of what it wants. 


To that end, Microsoft’s target market — call me a skeptic — is the liberal media.

The Bottom Line

Whether we’re talking about CNN or Fox News, or Anderson Cooper or Sean Hannity, the song remains the same. So, given the politics of Bill Gates and the history of Microsoft concerning politics and dissemination of news and information, does it stand to reason that this so-called “healthy information ecosystem” will be “healthier” for the left and not so much for the right? 

Hell yeah, it does.


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