Caborca, Sonora: Video claims proof of Rafael Caro Quintero Cartel, “La Barredora 24/7” having SEDENA on the payroll

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manta reads as follows:

German. Guillermo Garcia, Juan
Carlos Lopez Lopez, Pablo Ignacio Moreno, and Zaqueo Lopez. These military
personnel are on the payroll. And biweekly they receive 7 thousand pesos each.
Both of the lieutenants Adrian Hernandez Hernandez and Jorge Rebolledo are paid
20 thousand pesos biweekly.

And the name of the general out
of Nogales is Jose Valdez Chavez. He receives a juicy sum of 100 thousand pesos
biweekly. These names were found on a phone that was left behind by La
Barredora after a confrontation with an opposing group. And the FJGE (Attorney
General of Sonora) recovered it as evidence.

Once again it has been proven how
organized crime has penetrated military institutions and made them accomplices.
The SEDENA (Secretariat of National Defense) answers to the Caborca Cartel
which is led by Rafael Caro Quintero, who is wanted by the North American
government with a reward for his capture at $20 million dollars.

Rodrigo Páez Quintero aka El R,
nephew of RCQ, is the leader of La Barredora 24/7. And Jesus Dario Murrieta
Navarro aka Cara de Cochi, and Oscar Pascual de al Rocha are his lieutenants.
These are the individuals who are holding an iron fist grip on this war for
territory. Which has claimed the lives of hundreds of victims.

The DEA is searching for them.
And the Mexican authorities are working in conjunction with them. Therefore the
American government should investigate this matter.