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Business Match Making Event 1 on 1 (Speed Networking)

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Networking is more than zoom calls, we believe it should be interactive and get your excited which may seem challenging when on line but we can do it.

Making our Community Better One Day at a Time™”

— John C. Morley, Serial Entrepreneur

FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ, USA, October 11, 2020 / — We are The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce and since the start of the pandemic we have been working hard to deliver quality events for our members, our town, community, state, the county and even internationally. Our networking events allow the attendees to build a bridge to foster quality long term business relationships. Many of you have attended more zoom calls than you probably want to count or mention and know that networking has to have more substance than showing up for a Hollywood Squares Screen rundown

Thus The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce takes pride to cultivate events that force the user to get involved and be part of the experience just like in real life. Just because you are sitting behind a computer screen, tablet or smart phone doesn’t mean you cant network interactively. The first thing that has to change is the experience the perception and then one’s attitude naturally opens to be as excited as kid in candy store.

One of the greatest ways many business people get passionate about networking is when their is an element of excitement and or mystery which is exactly what speed networking does. Also, the fact that everyone has a set amount of time to connect with each other to see if they want to setup a longer one on one conversation later online or a safe social distanced meeting like breakfast or lunch.

Our Speed Networking events general start off with a 5-10 minute live video introduction of what to expect, how to navigate around the platform, some tips for effective networking and then a live video wrap up.

Yes, anyone can hold an event but when you but as much time and effort as we do into an event planning, managing and executing an event its no surprise why people want to attend our events. Now the only other thing to mention is our networking events have a small investment of $6.00 and a small processing fee depending on whether purchased on our site or event-brite rundown.

May People ask me why do we charge? That is an excellent question and the main reason is we want our attendees to be committed and all have respect and a high level of integrity. We are not looking for someone to show up between dinner if they have an hour 1/2 they want to kill . Our attendees have made the choice to be part of our event and give it their all not because they have to but because they want to

I know you are probably at the edge of your chair and wondering when and how can I attend one these events. Our next event is Wed, Oct 14, 2020 7PM Eastern but registration closes at Wed 5PM , Oct 14, 2020 and we have some form of a networking event every 2nd Wed of the month always at 7PM.

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and those become members may attend our online events at no charge.

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