Brother of El Cursi, a leader of Zetas Vieja Escuela (ZVE), murdered in Minatitlán, Veracruz

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Leader of the band, “G5”

The person murdered this
afternoon in Minatitlán has been unofficially identified as the well-known
musician Adrián Calderón Quintanilla, who was the leader of the group G-5.

Adrián Quintanilla, was also
president of the musicians’ union, leaving his post after the attack he
suffered with the burning of the group’s truck .

Calderón Quintanilla, was
threatened on various occasions, when he was identified as the brother of the
well-known head of the organized crime plaza “El Cursi.”

The homicide occurred on López Mateos Avenue, in the Los Maestros neighborhood.

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He posted this message on his facebook page after the April
2019 attack

“After last night’s attack there is no guarantee that super G5
continues to work for the sake of all musicians, staff and public that noa
continues in the clean path of more than 15 years I thank all our clients and
friends and friends We wait for your understanding

And again we ask the three levels of government to solve the attack
last Friday and can be found with the culprits or the culprits not fall into
the game of those behind a false peril slander and make false accusations
blessings for all I hope And understand there are no guarantees to stay with my
grouping in Minatitlan.

Thank you all,  G5 the
legend will continue.”

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