Britain’s Labour Party Will Not Back A Snap Election On The Issue Of Brexit

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Daily Mail: Furious Boris Johnson calls Jeremy Corbyn a ‘chicken’ for BLOCKING an election and brands Labour’s economic policy ‘s**t’ in foul-mouthed taunt at PMQs as Remainers plot to delay Brexit and stop No Deal in today’s Commons showdown

* At PMQs Boris Johnson branded the Labour leader a ‘chlorinated chicken’ and said he ‘used to be a democrat’
* The premier turned the air blue in the chamber by swiping that Labour’s economic policy is ‘sh** or bust’
* Mr Johnson has called for general election to be held on October 15 so the ‘people can decide’ over Brexit
* The premier’s plan must be backed by two-thirds of MPs, but Jeremy Corbyn has refused to back a ballot
* Boris Johnson last night lost a massive Commons showdown as Remainer MPs try to block a No Deal Brexit
* Some 21 Tory MPs joined the revolt to inflict a stinging defeat on the government by 328 votes to just 301

Boris Johnson blasted ‘dithering’ Jeremy Corbyn for plotting a ‘surrender’ to the EU today as the Labour leader prepares to block his demand for a snap election.

Taking his first PMQs, a furious Mr Johnson branded Mr Corbyn a ‘chlorinated chicken’ for refusing to agree to a poll on October 15 and said he ‘used to be a democrat’.

Channelling Margaret Thatcher’s famous taunt to opponents, Mr Johnson said: ‘Is he frit?’

At one point the premier also turned the air blue in the chamber by claiming the Opposition’s economic strategy was ‘sh** or bust’.


WNU Editor: If the opposition were confident that they had the support of the people, they would be voting for an election right now. They are not, which tells me that they believe in the recent polls that indicate that the Conservatives would win a massive majority if an election was called with Brexit being the issue.

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